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Slow, slow, slow

Yesterday was a busy one at work, but only one order. Everything is slow this quarter. Maybe now that the Republicans have regained the Senate, things will kick loose.

Then again, things may be on hold until after the holidays.

I’m glad Jim Talent picked up the Senate seat held by Jean Carnahan. I don’t know Mrs. Carnahan; it may be that’s she’s a nice woman, and I am truly sorry that she lost her husband and son two years ago in that tragic plane crash. But I just cannot support her positions, especially on abortion. Her vote against the confirmation of John Ashcroft, especially after the gracious way Ashcroft backed away from the campaign trail following Mel Carnahan’s death, showed me that she was just following the lead of Patrick Leahy, Tom Daschle, and the leadership of the Democratic Party. In my opinion, the Democrats have become subject to the extreme fringes of the party, and therefore have nothing to offer average, middle-class Middle America.

NaNoWriMo progress is slow but steady. I’m at about 5,900 words as of lunchtime today. Actually, a thousand words a day is a pretty good pace. You can turn out a decent sized novel in about three months at that rate.

I don’t know if what I’m writing is marketable, but I’ll find out when the story’s finished. Right now, I’m not worrying about it too much. I like it, and that’s all that matters. I suspect if I tried to write with an eye for pleasing other people, I’d lock up.

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