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Pissing away business

Well, our customer informed us they couldn’t wait and cancelled the valves from the order. That’s about 60% of the order, and about 75% of the profit. All because somebody at the valve supplier was either too lazy or–how can I say it politely–cerebrally challenged to check their files and discover that our company was already a regular customer. It must be nice to have so much business that you can just throw away orders in a down market like this.

Ah, well, if this were easy the business would be self-serve.

I’ve settled on a title and an idea for the novel-to-be: “Iron Dragons”, about a dragonslayer who has to work with his nemeses to rid the world of an unwanted visitor from space–the aforementioned “iron dragon”. It will be different; most of the writing I’ve done so far has been in the mystery genre. And the longest story I’ve written to date has only been about 5,000 words.

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